Balanced Raw Carnivore
Made Locally by
Majestic Heights Farm
Balanced Raw Carnivore is a species appropriate food for our pets. All our products are ethically handled and raised with no use of steroids, antibiotics or pesticides. This is a whole food meaning the complete animal is included with the meat, bones, organs and fats to provide for a Balanced Raw Carnivore
Proteins We Offer
Organic Rabbit

Our Rabbits are Human grade A rabbits with all organs and bones including heads

Grade A Duck

Our Ducks are restaurant grade A ducks with all bones, neck, heads and feet as well all available organs

Organic Mutton and Lamb

Our Sheep farms raise only free range organic lambs and after a happy long life we process the mutton.  Our Mutton contains bone, meat and available organs.

Organic Beef

Our beef comes from local farms that only free range their cattle with only organic feeds.  Our beef contains meat, bone and available organs.

Organic Pork

Our pigs are Human grade A with meat, available organs and bones

Non-GMO Turkey

Our turkey is Human grade A with all meat, available organs and bones including heads only fed on-GMO feed 

Free Range Chicken

Our chickens are Human grade A with meat, available organs and bones including heads and feet, only fed Non-GMO feed

Non-GMO Quail

Our quail are Human grade A whole birds with meat, available organs and bones that are only fed Non-GMO feed

Best Selling Products

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Bulk Pricing Plans; Individual and Mix & Match
Options for you to purchase in volume; think about how many pets will be consuming, size of your pets and how much freezer space you have
  • 12lbs Tester Pack
  • $5-11/lbs
    • 12 lbs pack
    • Local pickup
    • Shipping available
  • 24lbs Nibbler Pack
  • $5-11/lbs
    • 24 lbs pack
    • Local pickup option
    • Shipping available
Most Popular
  • 48lbs Hardy Pack
  • $4.9-10.78/lbs
    • 48 lbs pack SAVE 2%
    • Local Pickup
    • Free local shipping (100km)
  • 96lbs Big Eater Pack
  • $4.75-10.45/lbs
    • 96 lbs pack SAVE 5%
    • Local Pickup
    • Ontario Free Delivery

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Articles / Blogs

Why Feed Raw?

A couple articles for you to read that may show you the value of feeding your Carnivore raw food
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Is feeding raw expensive

I am asked all the time “is feeding raw expensive and isn’t it hard to feed?”  Well lets look at a couple facts and you make your decision answering is feeding raw expensive.

getting your cats to eat raw

Many people like the idea of giving their cats a raw food diet but what do you do for the picky eater? How do you transition a cat that has turned their nose up at anything raw before? Here’s what you do…

Is your dog getting enough FATS?

We’ve been so conditioned that fat is bad that we try really hard to make sure it is in no one’s diet but this is a mistake. Even for dog’s with pancreatitis issues they still need fats – the question is how much and what kind…

All Pets
Move to Healthy Animals

The Move to Healthy Animals has to start somewhere… People often think how I feed and treat my animals is a bit radical and well ‘too much’. They believe the money I spend on organic food or supplements for example is frivolous at times and I used to think so too…till I learned the hard way.