Is your dog getting enough FATS in their diet?

Is your dog getting enough FATS in their diet?

We’ve been so conditioned that fat is bad that we try really hard to make sure it is in no one’s diet but this is a mistake. Even for dog’s with pancreatitis issues they still need fats – the question is how much and what kind.

Fat is the primary fuel source for dog not carbs – and can be the only proper sources of the ever important essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Out of all of the Omega’s the 3’s are the most deficient and NEED to be supplemented for good health.

Fats help satiate as well and prevent over-eating. Fats help with digestion/assimilation of certain nutrients. Fats can also help maintain proper weight – even to help lose weight for over-weight dogs. So how do we make sure our dogs get enough for the ones that are on raw, home cooked or the kibble/home cooked diets?

  • Leave the skin on when feeding chicken. If you are feeding raw chicken legs leave the skin on. If you are cooking a chicken breast for your dog…give the cooked skin. Same thing with beef or pork…if there’s too much cut off leaving about 20-30% on still…and watch how your dog reacts. If they have the runs cut back a bit next time.
  • Add in and rotate different oils such as Coconut Oil, ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil, cod liver oil (should be given for 2 weeks then off 2 weeks due to some having too high Vit A content and always give the appropriate dose for your pet). If you feed an only kibble diet or high OFAL (liver/kidneys etc) then leave out the cod liver oil just in case so you don’t over-dose on the fat soluble vitamins.
  • Give flax oil, evening primrose oil, krill oil and even avocado (not the skin that may be toxic but the avocado fruit is wonderful for dogs). These provide the omega 3 fatty acids. Krill oil is an excellent source that is most bio-available to your dog however flax oil has properties that help with detoxification of some heavy metals so it is good to rotate.
  • Bone marrow is quite fatty but VERY rich in nutrients – a good thing for dogs to get regularly at least a few times a week.

To give an example for a 50-60 lb dog I give at least 1 TBS of coconut oil AND an essential fatty acid oil about 2 teaspoons daily (flax or chia seeds or avocado etc). With this I also include a bit of fat that comes with the meats I feed!

I mentioned dogs with pancreatitis – these dogs should be on Homeopathic treatment and a properly balanced diet specific just for them that includes small amounts of essential oils that doesn’t stress their bodies but nourishes them.

If in doubt contact me so we can find the right dosage for your dog! 🙂

Ivana Holub H.D.h.d.s.(med)
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