The move to healthy animals

The move to healthy animals

The Move to Healthy Animals has to start somewhere… People often think how I feed and treat my animals is a bit radical and well ‘too much’. They believe the money I spend on organic food or supplements for example is frivolous at times and I used to think so too…till I learned the hard way.

You see…I started out like everyone else. Feeding kibble and wet food to my dog and cat, sweet feed to my horse, I obediently vaccinated all my animals and dewormed with chemical wormers. I figured if I do it ALL well and follow what the experts are saying… listen to the Vets, the leading edge scientists and professionals my animals will be healthy and live a long and health life – right? Boy was I wrong…my animals were nothing but sick all the time…allergies, auto-immune disorders, full of fleas/worms, GI problems, kidney/liver problems…you name it. And it was costing me tons of money for Vet bills and worst of all, heartache! Some of my animals were strong enough to hang in while I ‘learned’ – others sadly passed away from my ignorance. I felt terribly bad but I didn’t know any better….As the years passed I started to dig a bit more…and try to mimic what nature would do – how would it feed my animals – how would it heal? It was about that time that I switched for working in the traditional medical field and attending Vet school to going natural – in EVERY way I could. Why? because the more I did…the more my animals healed. The closer to 180 degrees that I was making in the way I cared for them…I was noticing huge differences.

If I did a bit of a change I saw a bit of a difference..if I went in all out…saw bigger changes!
So this was my timeline so to speak…on how I came to change my view point. We are all on a journey so I don’t expect everyone to do what I say…what I do ask is – for you to question everything. Don’t let others tell you ‘well this is how it’s always been done’ or Science says…blah blah.

No, in order for your pet to get well and stay healthy you will have to do things dramatically different too…

So here’s how I changed.. Initially I vaccinated, used chemical wormers and fed processed kibbled/pelleted food for cats and dogs and horses.  Unfortunately my animals were sick and dying early! It was a devastating time for me and I wanted answers!  I wasn’t getting any with traditional veterinary medicine however… so I kept searching.

  1. I stared to minimize vaccinating, got rid of chemical wormers and started to MIX in real food with processed food.  Animals got a bit better but still had problems.
  2. Next, I stopped over-vaccinating – realized ONE vaccine was enough for humans it is enough for animals! Rabies is a must by law in most places – so that is the only one to be done! Still no chemical wormers or medications.
  3. Went to cooked food – store bought home made antibiotic free. Animals had gotten better by 75% some a bit more some a bit less…I was making progress but still not quite there yet. At least not to my expectations…I knew they could do better!
  4. I realized I had to detox my animals of the past vaccine damage, heavy metals and pesticides…put back in nutrients they were still missing (a hair test showed me what that was). I tried to get as much organic, whole foods that were specie appropriate that I could. Started to clean up their damaged GI tracts (ulcers/Leaky guts) from GMO/Glyphosate Round up pesticides that was hiding in their food!

And we reached 90% better…with most of the animals (some take longer as I have some serious rescue cases that were on deaths door). They were now responding to Homeopathy FASTER with less repetition and less remedies. They were living longer and re-bounded to health faster after injuries or acute bouts of illness that now were few and far between. The animals were not only healthier in body but also in mind! They were more balanced emotionally and the intelligence level seem to sky rocket.

So, to get here took me MANY years! It took my animals to show me what they needed – whether it was my dog hunting for mice to get raw food when I had her on kibble and her allergies drove her crazy or my horse desiring to be outside instead of cooped up in a stall because he couldn’t breathe inside with his COPD…my cats showing me that dozens of vaccines are over-kill and eventually do shorten their lives. I learned some very hard lessons…but if I look back now I see that the animals ‘talk’ to us all the time. They are giving us feedback constantly. If you are going in to get shots every year, feeding Vet food and using pesticide wormers/flea/heart worm preventives and your animals are reacting poorly…it means we need to change tracks!

Yes, the road less traveled will be questioned by others and ridiculed. People will think you are spending too much on organic or good food but now you will be spending WAY less on Vets and your pets will live much longer. So don’t worry…if you already haven’t taken the full plunge into the Natural world of caring for your cat, dog or horse…you have nothing to lose but much to gain!

Yes we are all on our own path and will come to certain conclusions in due time but I really wish someone told me 20 plus years ago what I know now…I would have saved many of my creatures suffering and some would probably still be with me. I would have gladly taken some friendly advice then.

Ivana Holub H.D.h.d.s.(med)

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