Is Feeding raw food expensive

Is Feeding raw food expensive

People often ask “is feeding raw food expensive, and how do I feed it?…Well let me dispel some things for you. Raw food is super easy to feed…defrost and serve…that’s it. Phillip our newest feral rescue kitty that came badly emaciated – has been on a whole animal raw food diet and doing excellent…he especially loves the ‘Sally’s Rascally Rabbit’ one 🙂 – we process our own food so I know exactly what my animals are getting. The raw rabbit has the whole animal except for the fur pretty much so it is as close to what they would get in Nature as you can get. Phillip has been putting on weight and healing in leaps and bounds and good food is a large part of that.

Kibble is essentially dead food. Very little actual meat…lots of starches/carbs (from grains or legumes – NOT very good for carnivores) and handful of synthetic supplements usually from China to combat the fact there is very little nutrients in it to begin with. Don’t believe the marketing when they say a kibble or canned is ‘complete’ or ‘balanced’ it is NOT. I once spoke to a Nutritionist for one of the leading and largest pet food companies…basically the guy that formulates these foods and I asked him if these foods were actually complete and he said NO of course not. They have only enough nutrition to prevent death!!! This is because if we put in the actual amounts of nutrients back in and a cat or dog ate more than the recommended amount they could die and we’d have law we put in just enough to not cause death..but it is far from optical or balanced! So there you have it – commercial pet foods by design can NOT be balanced and good especially long term. Raw meat, bones, organs and fats from as a whole animal source is IDEAL.

Now to come to the cost part…Phillip here in the first little while ate half a pound of raw pre-mix daily…he’s since settled into a more normal of 1/3 pound or about 150 grams a day. So he eats about 10 lbs of meat per month. At $10/lb for the organic whole pre-grind rabbit – this is about $3.33/day (Canadian) – for a premium food this isn’t bad…considering the average can of cat food is about $3 and an adult cat should eat about 2 a day…so that’s $6 a day in canned ‘food’…or just feeding one can plus kibble…that still costs more than raw! And this is for the premium raw food…our duck works out to $2/day and this is for high quality. One can’t even compare the so called high end kibble which costs the same per cat by the way…

There’s other cheaper meat sources but Phillip loves the organic rabbit and he’s doing really well on it…Bottom line is…cutting corners in Nutrition to save a few dollars (especially if you are paying for lower end food) ends up costing far more later in Vet bills. I prefer to invest more in the animals food, supplements and care from the get go…as it costs far less in the long run and is so much better for them.

Feeding raw is easy and can be economical especially if one considers what is saved on veterinary costs. Don’t pay extra for Chinese fillers, synthetic supplements/chemicals with small amounts of low quality ‘food’ thrown in. It just isn’t worth it.

Ivana Holub H.D.h.d.s.(med)
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